As an independent business, we take our responsibility to our local community and the beautiful countryside around us very seriously.

We are committed to doing all we can to reduce our impact and reducing our footprint on the environment. We know that this is not only the right thing to do but that it’s important to our customers too.

Highlights of our approach:

Reducing plastic waste: We are now Gold Plastic Free Business Champion recognised through the Plastic Free communities Team in recognition of our work in this area. This includes minimising the use of miniature plastic bottles by only offering bathroom toiletries through a refillable designed system and limiting the use of single used plastics throughout the hotel.

Cleaning Products – We have invested in a new Aquasmart system which reduces the use of multiple chemicals to clean rooms every day.

Electric Vehicles – We have installed an EV charging point in our car park for guests and local community to use.

Laundry – We actively encourage guests to minimise the unnecessary laundering of linen and towels.

Energy – Low energy light bulbs are used throughout the hotel and conference suite and the heating and cooling system is centrally controlled so individual rooms cannot use excessive energy to change the temperature.

Recycling – we prioritise recycling as a business and ensure we are recycling glass, cardboard, food waste and paper, waste cooking oil, ink cartridges and batteries.

We will continue to find ways to minimise our impact and take practical operational decisions to underline that commitment